Friday, April 06, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Yelling Match

verizon can kiss my ass

so verizon is trying to make money off of shit they they didn't invent. fuck you verizon. Here is the basic story as one slashdot writer so aptly put it:

Person A has a brilliant, rare idea. Person A invests years in refining and expanding said idea. Person A goes out and patents said idea. Person A opens a business with said idea, reaping customer praise and financial reward.

The patent has encouraged creativity and expanded the market.

Person A has a somewhat obvious idea. Companys B, C, D, and E without investing in refining or developing the idea run out and patent said idea. Patent is granted to Company B (and sometimes C,D,and E too). Company B sits on patent, preventing anyone else from opening said business in order to protect the large profit margins on their current offering. 15 years later Company B sells the rights to said patent to Clearinghouse F. Clearinghouse F takes the broadest possible view of said patent, and sues everyone in the business. Years of fun in courthouse G ensues.

The patent has prevented the use of the idea or object patented, and has been used to bleed money from companies who do produce things.