Thursday, November 30, 2006

Check out this testimony - its a very compelling case for medical marijuana

In a not-too-long-ago post, Andrew Sullivan writes the following:
... we already have a drug that requires no elaborate production, has no bad side-effects, that actually cures serious illness and helps the sick - and the federal government doesn't just not fund this; it bans anyone from using it, and throws sick people in jail for it. This policy is despicable; it's immoral; and it's a scandal that marijuana is not available for any sick person it could help.

I'm in full agreement. If a doctor thinks that medical marijuana can really help someone, then he or she ought to be allowed to prescribe it. Moreover, more and more scientific evidence is mounting that marijuana can have medical benefits. Check out this quite thorough study here [pdf] for more infomation. Here is one of its conclusions:
The psychological effects of cannabinoids, such as anxiety reduction, sedation, and euphoria can influence their potential therapeutic value. Those effects are potentially undesirable for certain patients and situations, and beneficial for others.

So goes it for most any medical drug.

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