Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Donnie Davies' "The Bible Says"

This video is either incredibly offensive or sublimely satirical. It also seems to me this is exactly what this guy was going for (being flame-bait is a sure-fire way to shameless self-promotion). I'm leaning towards viewing it as being unflinching satire.

Consider some of the lyrics (the full lyrics can be found here):

"To enter heaven there's no back door..."
"Righteous man, get on your knees..."
"Jesus my savior is the only man for me..."
"Fill me with your love..."

Furthermore, this video is shot in very soft lighting, and this guy is wearing pink shirt, white pants, and has a brillian 'stache. Here is a great take I found:
This video reminds me that South Park episode where Eric Cartman becomes famous for singing vaguely creepy Christian pop songs—with lyrics that echo “fill me with your love,” and, “Jesus is the only man for me,” and, “righteous man, get on your knees.” That South Park episode nailed the blatantly homoerotic, completely freaky sexual obsession that some straight Christian fundy boys and closeted Christian fundy homos allow themselves to have ...

Oh, and here's another great take. After watching the above - the following video might help to shed some light on what's going on (though it does it in a very blatant way).

Update: Uff, the links keep changing, but I'll try to keep them up, at least for a while. Also, check out this take here.

And don't miss this new video either (Perfect line: "Thanks so much, Andrew Sullivan, for getting behind me". Also, notice the great irony concerning what he says about his weight problem).

UPDATE 2: I've updated the links again (1/26/07)


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