Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

If you use Firefox and haven't yet checked out the many add-ons that you can install into it, then I'd highly recommend trying (at least some of) the following. They really improve my browsing experience:

  • Adblock Plus with Adblock Filterset.G Updater - Now you don't have to constantly be bombarded with ads when browsing around. Highly recommended! (Question: I feel bad for those sites that use ads in a responsible non-intrusive way. I guess I wish there was a version that would white-list those sites, because hey - we all need to earn money. Any suggestions?)
  • Always Remember Password - If you use Yahoo email, then you know that they have disabled the ability for Firefox to save the password in the password manager causing you to have to type it every time. Well, now you don't.
  • CacheViewer - Exactly what the title suggests. Its a bit rough around the edges, but at least it gives the ability to view your cache.
  • Bookmarks - I've yet to be entirely satisfied with a way to organize bookmarks. This extension helps quite a bit. I'm also looking forward to what the new Firefox "places" improvements will add.
  • DownloadHelper - download videos from the most popular sites like YouTube.
  • DownThemAll! - Find a page where you want to download lots of things from a bunch of links. This will help.
  • Firebug - This is a very impressive extension for anyone involved in web development.
  • FireFTP - An FTP client in your web brower.
  • Flashblock - Block annoying flash animations.
  • Forecastfox - A nifty extension for knowing the weather.
  • FoxyTunes - Use Firefox to control what your listening to.
  • Gmail Space - Upload files to your gmail account.
  • Greasemonkey - An extension for further extensions. Great if you think a site needs more functionality than it presently offers.
  • IE Tab - Yes, its still the case that certain websites only support IE (unfortunately). Now you don't have to open IE in a separate window to view the page.
  • Image Zoom - If an image is either to big or to small to see the way you want to see it, use this extension to zoom in or out.
  • JumpKnowledge Webpage Annotator - Encounter something online that you feel you just got to comment on? Use this extension to annotate the web!
  • Launchy
  • LeechBlock - Visit certain sites too often when you're supposed to be working. This extension helps you to limit yourself.
  • Save Session - Need to close your browser for some reason, but want it to remember which pages you were viewing when you open it back up next time. Here is the extension for you.
  • ScribeFire - If you like to blog, then this is the best Firefox addon I've found for doing so. Very impressive!
  • TimeTracker - A simple but excellent extension for gaging how much time you send online.
  • Zoho QuickRead - An office suite in your web-browser. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

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