Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I Like Neil Boortz

Even though he does parody other radio talk show hosts in certain respects (e.g., silly criticisms of Obama), he does have an independent streak in the way he looks at things. (Also, he is not boring, repetitive, or a propagantist hack for the right a la Hannity). I may not agree with what he says in today's Nealz Nuze, but at least it is a voice of fresh air in the conservative dominated radio talk shows:

Subject: Immaturity of American Voter
Name: Corbett

It's always some excuse with you Republicans. You present us with John McCain as your candidate & then call the American voters immature because they want nothing to do with the author of McCain-Feingold, the man who voted against tax cuts & the man who sabotaged the nomination of conservative judges.

When will you people grow up? Grown up people take responsibility for their mistakes. They don't blame others and they don't call people names for disagreeing with them.

You people nominated a sure loser. You knew he was a loser when you nominated him. Accept the responsibility for your actions & accept the inevitable defeat gracefully.

And be prepared to leave the country because Obama is going to destroy what little bit GWB has left of our liberty.

Thanks for not toeing the line (the more independent you are the better)!

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