Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KDE apps I can't do without

I use Ubuntu. Not Kubuntu. The reason is simple: I hate the naming scheme used by the various application developers on the KDE side of things. It might be a small reason, but seriously, it gets on my nerves.
Nonetheless, there are definitely some KDE applications I prefer over its Gnome counterpart. Here is my list:

AmaroK - Oh, so much better than Rhythmbox. And one of my favorite features is the fact that it can hook up to a MySQL database. This is really important because I have about 50,000 mp3s. This destroys most players. Rhythmbox is functional, but it does freeze a bunch when I first open it. Also, AmaroK has a LOT more features. I love the smart-playlists, it helps me connect with the music I have but have forgotten.

k9copy - The DVD Shrink app for linux. I did try the other ones out there, but they didn't come close.

Quanta Plus - Much better than NVU. The best web development environment for linux.

I would say K3b, but Brasero - now included by default on Ubuntu - has finally caught up.

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