Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I'd like to see in future versions of Hardy Ubuntu

The present version is really good. I'm very impressed. Here are some features I think would make the experience even better:
  • A GUI wrapper for ufw (uncomplicated firewall). ufw is really nice, but command line features are hard to remember if you don't use them often. Firestarter is on the right track, but its development seems to have stopped and it doesn't feel as integrated with the system as I would like.
  • Two-way synchronization between evolution and google calander. Right now there is only one-way synchronization.
  • Advanced Desktop settings already pre-installed.
  • Tracker Search Tool needs to have a phrase search

Upcoming Applications I'm really looking forward to:
  • OpenOffice.org 3.0 - Finally, we will have a decent way to make comments in documents (and hopefully they will revamp the GUI, but I doubt they will)
  • Amarok 2.0 - Already the best music player on Linux, and it looks like it is even going to get better. I can't wait.
  • Songbird 1.0 - Another promising media application!
  • Audacity - One that actually works with PulseAudio
  • Mupen64Plus - N64 emulator on linux - its already really good.

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