Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Complete Offline Wikipedia

I'm an information whore - I want to be able to access huge amounts of data either when I'm online or when I'm offline. So getting a copy of the whole Wikipedia has been a pet project of mine for a while. I've searched the web and here is what I've found (Note - I don't have an ipod or an iphone, so even though there are options for getting a version of wikipedia on these, they wouldn't do me any good):
  • Tomeraider - This was my first discovery of a nice offline build of Wikipedia. Unfortunately it is not free, so unless you don't mind forking over the dough (about $30 last time I checked) I would look elsewhere (also doesn't work on linux).
  • Moulin - For about a year now I've been keeping my eye on this project which looks very promising. The main problem, though, is that it doesn't offer an English version of Wikipedia yet - though your in luck if you read Arabic!
  • Build your own on Linux - Recently I made the full switch to Linux (and I haven't looked back). By following this tutorial you can have a nicely formatted offline edition of Wikipedia. It does require a bit of computer knowledge though.
  • Wikitaxi - This is a recent discovery, and the best I've found so far! You download both this program an a shiny new copy of a Wikipedia dump, and in a couple of steps you will have a fantastic offline copy of Wikipedia. And good news: It works on both Windows and Linux (using wine). My only complaint is that it is not an open source project, but still, this is a great piece of software. Here is a screenshot:

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