Monday, August 04, 2008

Virtualbox 1.6.4 "Shared Folders" does not work with XP guest

Others have been having this problem as well. To solve it - download VBoxGuestAdditons 1.6.0 from here. Uninstall the 1.6.4 (or the 1.6.2, which also seems to cause problems) version of guest additions and install this older one. Reboot. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.


extrathought said...

Thanks - I'd been having problems with this issue... googled it & found you via a link someone had posted on the ticket on the VirtualBox website.

You've fixed my problem - still can't browse to the shares but I can at least map them to a drive through the command line which gets me working.

Thanks again


extrathought said...

...but looks like they've fixed it in this week's 1.6.6

I upgraded VirtualBox to 1.6.6, uninstalled the 1.6.0 GuestAdditions from my XP guest, rebooted the guest, installed the 1.6.6 GuestAdditions and it's working fine - I can even browse the shared folders.

vrS said...

Yeah! i installed older GuestAddition version and all is on rails

Rafael Guedes said...

I solved this problem in another way.
I have WindowsXP SP2 installed on Kubuntu 8.04 in VBox 2.0.4. The version of my VBox Guest Additions also is 2.0.4.

The solution is simple, after enabling sharing and add the directories desired, run on Windows the following command:

“net use E: \\vboxsvr\MySharedFolder”

Information extracted from:

As stated in the manual, the share is not browseable.

Rafael Guedes
Network Solutions for Linux & Mikrotik
Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil

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