Monday, September 15, 2008

Beer Review #3 (Shit Beer Edition): Coors Light

Some beers don't really deserve a review. Coors Light is one of them. But because I'm really poor until I get my next paycheck and I'm procrastinating right now, here's a review nonetheless. Yes, I'm even going to go through the standard rundown:

Appearance - Pours a crisp, golden color, with big bubbles that form a quick white head that disappears immediately. Looks more like a 7-up than a beer.

Smell - A little sweet, a little malt, a little chemical. The smell of cheep beer - reminds me of college.

Taste - Carbonation, water, and a touch of flavor. Mainly water. Maybe a hint of corn or grain. Drink it while it is cold, because when it warms it does aquire more of a taste, but not in a good way.

Mouthfeel - Not even sure how to address this one. Light. Watery. Gets flat fast.

Drinkability - As long as it is cold and you swallow it down quickly, its drinkable. Best after mowing the lawn (even recommended!), but other than that not much going for it. In light doses it can take the edge off. In heavy doses, its best used for shotgunning a beer or beer pong. Also surprisingly helpful when you need "hair of the dog".


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