Thursday, September 04, 2008

Live-Blogging McCain

Overall, I was extremely annoyed by the crowd, but the speech was not that bad. The fact that Obama and McCain are the two presidential candidates attests to the fact that the conservative movement is languishing.

10:57 - His war story. Its worth hearing.

10:55 - He is trying to be post-partisian. It is falling flat on the crowd, but his record here is solid. This is a slap on the face of partisan hacks. This is why I've always liked McCain.

10:53 - A lot of what he says is an implicit criticism of the Bush administration. Good.

10:50 - Foreign policy segment. Nothing concrete, but his emphasis on working with other countries is a breath of fresh air. And his blunt claim that war is evil is very much needed. Reminds me of Obama's claim in Saddleback that sometimes much evil is done in the name of good.

10:47 - Constantly misrepresenting Obama's views, esp. on energy. Besides the Republican base's short-sighted emphasis on "drill here, drill now" I don't think McCain and Obama's positions are that different in terms of taking a multi-pronged approach to the issue.

10:45 - His ideas on education are worth pursuing. This is a big issue for me, and I side more with McCain here.

10:42 - His claims about Obama's tax plans are easily debunked. Look here.

10:38 - Republican talking points, not much of substance here.

10:36 - Not a visionary speech so far. Mainly focused on past record and anecdotes. It would be better to focus more on the future.

10:33 - McCain does have the record he speaks of. This in fact is what makes conservatives nervous.

10:30 - Right now a bit heavy on the cliches.

10:26 - starting a couple of min. late. Did see his respectful stance towards Obama. It is easy to grow bitter, but McCain does not seem to be a bitter man.

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